Obediently Ever After II: Mastering Miranda

Reese Gabriel
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go We thank you all for the great favour done,. In entertainment to my princely queen. Come, let us in, and with all speed provide. To you Duke Humphrey must unload his grief,. Your grief, the common grief of all the land. His valour, coin and people, in the wars? Did he so often lodge in open field,. To conquer France, his true inheritance? And did my brother Bedford toil his wits,. Have you yourselves, Somerset, Buckingham,. Brave York, Salisbury, and victorious Warwick,.


Obediently Ever After II: Mastering Miranda - Kindle edition by Reese Gabriel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Sequel to Bestselling Novel of B&D! In Obediently Ever After, Mark Wyatt remade himself into a masterful male who made his wife submit to him in bed and.

Received deep scars in France and Normandy? Or hath mine uncle Beaufort and myself,. With all the learned council of the realm,. Studied so long, sat in the council-house. How France and Frenchmen might be kept in awe,.

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Crowned in Paris in despite of foes? And shall these labours and these honours die? Your deeds of war and all our counsel die? O peers of England, shameful is this league! Fatal this marriage, cancelling your fame,. Blotting your names from books of memory,. Razing the characters of your renown,.

This peroration with such circumstance? Suffolk, the new-made duke that rules the roast,. Hath given the duchy of Anjou and Maine. Unto the poor King Reignier, whose large style. Agrees not with the leanness of his purse. These counties were the keys of Normandy. But wherefore weeps Warwick, my valiant son?

For, were there hope to conquer them again,. My sword should shed hot blood, mine eyes no tears. Anjou and Maine! Those provinces these arms of mine did conquer:. And are the cities, that I got with wounds,. Delivered up again with peaceful words? That dims the honour of this warlike isle! France should have torn and rent my very heart,. Before I would have yielded to this league. Large sums of gold and dowries with their wives:. And our King Henry gives away his own,. To match with her that brings no vantages.

That Suffolk should demand a whole fifteenth. For costs and charges in transporting her! She should have stayed in France and starved. It was the pleasure of my lord the King. Rancour will out: proud prelate, in thy face. We shall begin our ancient bickerings. Lordings, farewell; and say, when I am gone,. I prophesied France will be lost ere long. And no great friend, I fear me, to the king. Consider, lords, he is the next of blood,. And heir apparent to the English crown:. Had Henry got an empire by his marriage,. And all the wealthy kingdoms of the west,. Look to it, lords!

Bewitch your hearts; be wise and circumspect. What though the common people favour him,. Clapping their hands, and crying with loud voice,. I fear me, lords, for all this flattering gloss,. He will be found a dangerous protector. He being of age to govern of himself? Cousin of Somerset, join you with me,.

And all together, with the Duke of Suffolk,. And greatness of his place be grief to us,. Yet let us watch the haughty cardinal:. Than all the princes in the land beside:. First Gaoler:. Master-Gunner of Orleans, Master-Gunner:. General of the French forces in Bourdeaux. An old Shepherd, father to Joan la Pucelle. Lords, Warders of the Tower, Heralds, Officers,. Soldiers, Messengers, and Attendants. Comets, importing change of times and states,. Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky,. And with them scourge the bad revolting stars. King Henry the Fifth, too famous to live long!

Virtue he had, deserving to command:. His sparking eyes, replete with wrathful fire,. More dazzled and drove back his enemies. Than mid-day sun fierce bent against their faces. What should I say? Henry is dead and never shall revive:. We with our stately presence glorify,. Like captives bound to a triumphant car. Or shall we think the subtle-witted French. Conjurers and sorcerers, that afraid of him. By magic verses have contrived his end? Unto the French the dreadful judgement-day. So dreadful will not be as was his sight.

The battles of the Lord of hosts he fought:.

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None do you like but an effeminate prince,. Whom, like a school-boy, you may over-awe. And lookest to command the prince and realm. Thy wife is proud; she holdeth thee in awe,. More than God or religious churchmen may. Except it be to pray against thy foes. Posterity, await for wretched years,.

Our isle be made a nourish of salt tears,. And none but women left to wail the dead. Henry the Fifth, thy ghost I invocate:. Prosper this realm, keep it from civil broils,. Combat with adverse planets in the heavens! A far more glorious star thy soul will make. Messenger My honourable lords, health to you all! Sad tidings bring I to you out of France,. Of loss, of slaughter and discomfiture:.

Guienne, Champagne, Rheims, Orleans,. Paris, Guysors, Poictiers, are all quite lost. Speak softly, or the loss of those great towns. Will make him burst his lead and rise from death. These news would cause him once more yield the ghost. Messenger No treachery; but want of men and money. Amongst the soldiers this is muttered,. That here you maintain several factions,. One would have lingering wars with little cost;. Another would fly swift, but wanteth wings;. A third thinks, without expense at all,.

Let not sloth dim your horrors new-begot:. These tidings would call forth their flowing tides. Give me my steeled coat. Away with these disgraceful wailing robes! Wounds will I lend the French instead of eyes,. To weep their intermissive miseries. Messenger Lords, view these letters full of bad mischance. France is revolted from the English quite,. Except some petty towns of no import:.

The Dauphin Charles is crowned king of Rheims;. Reignier, Duke of Anjou, doth take his part;. The Duke of Alencon flieth to his side. O, whither shall we fly from this reproach? Wherewith already France is overrun. Messenger My gracious lords, to add to your laments,. Betwixt the stout Lord Talbot and the French. The tenth of August last this dreadful lord,.

Having full scarce six thousand in his troop. By three and twenty thousand of the French. No leisure had he to enrank his men;. He wanted pikes to set before his archers;. They pitched in the ground confusedly,. To keep the horsemen off from breaking in. More than three hours the fight continued;. Where valiant Talbot above human thought. Enacted wonders with his sword and lance:. Hundreds he sent to hell, and none durst stand him;.

Here, there, and every where, enraged he flew:. All the whole army stood agazed on him:. His soldiers spying his undaunted spirit. He, being in the vaward, placed behind. With purpose to relieve and follow them,. Cowardly fled, not having struck one stroke. Hence grew the general wreck and massacre;. Enclosed were they with their enemies:. Thrust Talbot with a spear into the back,. Whom all France with their chief assembled strength. Durst not presume to look once in the face. For living idly here in pomp and ease,.

Whilst such a worthy leader, wanting aid,. Messenger O no, he lives; but is took prisoner,. And Lord Scales with him and Lord Hungerford:. His crown shall be the ransom of my friend;. Farewell, my masters; to my task will I;. Bonfires in France forthwith I am to make,. Ten thousand soldiers with me I will take,.

Whose bloody deeds shall make all Europe quake. Messenger So you had need; for Orleans is besieged;. The English army is grown weak and faint:. The Earl of Salisbury craveth supply,. And hardly keeps his men from mutiny,.

วีร์สำนึกผิด เอาใจทุกคน ยกเว้นเมีย - ตอกย้ำความสนุก ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง EP.22 - Ch7HD

Since they, so few, watch such a multitude. Either to quell the Dauphin utterly,. Or bring him in obedience to your yoke. And then I will proclaim young Henry king. Lieutenant of the Tower. A Son that has killed his father. A Father that has killed his son. The Parliament-house. YORK While we pursued the horsemen of the north,. He slily stole away and left his men:. Whereat the great Lord of Northumberland,. Whose warlike ears could never brook retreat,. Lord Clifford and Lord Stafford, all abreast,. Were by the swords of common soldiers slain.

Is either slain or wounded dangerously;. I cleft his beaver with a downright blow:. That this is true, father, behold his blood. YORK Richard hath best deserved of all my sons. But is your grace dead, my Lord of Somerset?

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Victorious Prince of York,. Before I see thee seated in that throne. Which now the house of Lancaster usurps,. I vow by heaven these eyes shall never close. This is the palace of the fearful king,. And this the regal seat: possess it, York;. For hither we have broken in by force. And, soldiers, stay and lodge by me this night. Unless he seek to thrust you out perforce.

YORK The queen this day here holds her parliament,. But little thinks we shall be of her council:. By words or blows here let us win our right. Unless Plantagenet, Duke of York, be king,. And bashful Henry deposed, whose cowardice. Hath made us by-words to our enemies. YORK Then leave me not, my lords; be resolute;.

I mean to take possession of my right. The proudest he that holds up Lancaster,. Dares stir a wing, if Warwick shake his bells. Resolve thee, Richard; claim the English crown. Even in the chair of state: belike he means,. To aspire unto the crown and reign as king. Earl of Northumberland, he slew thy father. On him, his sons, his favourites and his friends. My heart for anger burns; I cannot brook it. He durst not sit there, had your father lived. My gracious lord, here in the parliament. And they have troops of soldiers at their beck? To make a shambles of the parliament-house!

Cousin of Exeter, frowns, words and threats. Shall be the war that Henry means to use. Thou factious Duke of York, descend my throne,. YORK It must and shall be so: content thyself. And that the Lord of Westmoreland shall maintain. You forget. That we are those which chased you from the field. And slew your fathers, and with colours spread. And, by his soul, thou and thy house shall rue it. I send thee, Warwick, such a messenger.

As shall revenge his death before I stir. YORK Will you we show our title to the crown? If not, our swords shall plead it in the field.

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We thank you all for the great favour done,. Come, sir, follow me. A murrain on your monster, and the devil take your fingers 1 Cal. All this Ariel had to do, whether he liked the work or not. He had at one time been the Duke of Milan, but had been sent away from the dukedom in a frail boat by the machinations of a wicked brother, Antonio.

Thy father was, as thou art, Duke of York;. Thy grandfather, Roger Mortimer, Earl of March:. Who made the Dauphin and the French to stoop. And seized upon their towns and provinces. And be you silent and attentive too,. For he that interrupts him shall not live. Wherein my grandsire and my father sat? No: first shall war unpeople this my realm;. Ay, and their colours, often borne in France,. Shall be my winding-sheet. Why faint you, lords? Tell me, may not a king adopt an heir? For Richard, in the view of many lords,. Whose heir my father was, and I am his. YORK He rose against him, being his sovereign,.

And made him to resign his crown perforce. But that the next heir should succeed and reign. YORK Why whisper you, my lords, and answer not? Think not that Henry shall be so deposed. Of Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, nor of Kent,. Which makes thee thus presumptuous and proud,. Can set the duke up in despite of me. Lord Clifford vows to fight in thy defence:. May that ground gape and swallow me alive,. Where I shall kneel to him that slew my father! What mutter you, or what conspire you, lords? Or I will fill the house with armed men,. Lords, Officers, Sheriff, Vintner, Chamberlain,.

Drawers, two Carriers, Travellers, Attendants,. Find we a time for frighted peace to pant,. And breathe short-winded accents of new broils. To be commenced in strands afar remote. No more the thirsty entrance of this soil. Nor more shall trenching war channel her fields,.

Nor bruise her flowerets with the armed hoofs. Of hostile paces: those opposed eyes,. Which, like the meteors of a troubled heaven,.

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All of one nature, of one substance bred,. Did lately meet in the intestine shock. Shall now, in mutual well-beseeming ranks,. March all one way and be no more opposed. Against acquaintance, kindred and allies:. The edge of war, like an ill-sheathed knife,. No more shall cut his master. Therefore, friends,. As far as to the sepulchre of Christ,. Whose soldier now, under whose blessed cross. We are impressed and engaged to fight,.

Forthwith a power of English shall we levy;. To chase these pagans in those holy fields. For our advantage on the bitter cross. But this our purpose now is twelve month old,. Therefore we meet not now. Then let me hear. Of you, my gentle cousin Westmoreland,. What yesternight our council did decree. And many limits of the charge set down. But yesternight: when all athwart there came. A post from Wales loaden with heavy news;. Whose worst was, that the noble Mortimer,.

Leading the men of Herefordshire to fight. Against the irregular and wild Glendower,. Was by the rude hands of that Welshman taken,. Upon whose dead corpse there was such misuse,. Such beastly shameless transformation,. By those Welshwomen done as may not be. Without much shame retold or spoken of. Brake off our business for the Holy Land. Came from the north and thus it did import:. On Holy-rood day, the gallant Hotspur there,.

Young Harry Percy and brave Archibald,. That ever-valiant and approved Scot,. Where they did spend a sad and bloody hour,. And shape of likelihood, the news was told;. For he that brought them, in the very heat. And pride of their contention did take horse,. Sir Walter Blunt, new lighted from his horse. Betwixt that Holmedon and this seat of ours;. And he hath brought us smooth and welcome news. Ten thousand bold Scots, two and twenty knights,. Of prisoners, Hotspur took. Mordake the Earl of Fife, and eldest son.

To beaten Douglas; and the Earl of Athol,. And is not this an honourable spoil? A gallant prize? It is a conquest for a prince to boast of. Should be the father to so blest a son,. Amongst a grove, the very straightest plant;. Whilst I, by looking on the praise of him,. See riot and dishonour stain the brow. Of my young Harry. O that it could be proved. That some night-tripping fairy had exchanged. In cradle-clothes our children where they lay,. Then would I have his Harry, and he mine. But let him from my thoughts. What think you, coz,. Which he in this adventure hath surprised,.

To his own use he keeps; and sends me word,. I shall have none but Mordake Earl of Fife. Which makes him prune himself, and bristle up. The crest of youth against your dignity. And for this cause awhile we must neglect. Cousin, on Wednesday next our council we. Will hold at Windsor; so inform the lords:. But come yourself with speed to us again;. For more is to be said and to be done. What a devil hast thou to do with the time of the. Unless hours were cups of sack and minutes.

I prithee, sweet wag, when thou art king, as, God. As, for proof, now: a purse of gold. And is not my. O rare! But, Hal, I prithee, trouble me no more. I would to God thou and I knew where a. An old. Would, for the. I think it would be. Was this gentlewoman. I have those hopes of her good that. The remembrance of her father never approaches. No more of this, Helena;. In manners, as in shape!

Contend for empire in thee, and thy goodness. Share with thy birthright! Love all, trust a few,. Do wrong to none: be able for thine enemy. Rather in power than use, and keep thy friend. What heaven more will,. That thee may furnish and my prayers pluck down,. Fall on thy head! Farewell, my lord;. Farewell, Bertram. Be comfortable. I think not on my father;. And these great tears grace his remembrance more.

Than those I shed for him. What was he like? I am undone: there is no living, none,. If Bertram be away. That I should love a bright particular star. And think to wed it, he is so above me:. In his bright radiance and collateral light. Must I be comforted, not in his sphere. The ambition in my love thus plagues itself:. The hind that would be mated by the lion. Must die for love.

To see him every hour; to sit and draw. His arched brows, his hawking eye, his curls,. Of every line and trick of his sweet favour:. Must sanctify his reliques. Who comes here? One that goes with him: I love him for his sake;. And yet I know him a notorious liar,. Think him a great way fool, solely a coward;. Yet these fixed evils sit so fit in him,. Cold wisdom waiting on superfluous folly. You have some stain of soldier in you: let me. Man is enemy to virginity; how. Is there no military policy, how.

Loss of virginity is rational. That you were made of is. Virginity by being once lost. To speak on the part of virginity,. He that hangs himself is a virgin:. Virginity breeds mites,. Besides, virginity is peevish, proud, idle, made of. Keep it not; you cannot choose but loose.

Virginity, like an old courtier, wears her cap out. Your date is better in your pie and your. There shall your master have a thousand loves,. A mother and a mistress and a friend,. A guide, a goddess, and a sovereign,. A counsellor, a traitress, and a dear;. His humble ambition, proud humility,. His jarring concord, and his discord dulcet,. His faith, his sweet disaster; with a world. Of pretty, fond, adoptious christendoms,. That blinking Cupid gossips. Now shall he I know not what he shall. God send him well! Which might be felt; that we, the poorer born,. Whose baser stars do shut us up in wishes,.

Might with effects of them follow our friends,. And show what we alone must think, which never. Page Monsieur Parolles, my lord calls for you. First Merchant friend to Antipholus of Syracuse. Second Merchant to whom Angelo is a debtor. Gaoler, Officers, and other Attendants.

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And by the doom of death end woes and all. I am not partial to infringe our laws:.

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The enmity and discord which of late. Sprung from the rancorous outrage of your duke. To merchants, our well-dealing countrymen,. Who wanting guilders to redeem their lives. Excludes all pity from our threatening looks. For, since the mortal and intestine jars. It hath in solemn synods been decreed. Both by the Syracusians and ourselves,. To admit no traffic to our adverse towns Nay, more,. Come to the bay of Ephesus, he dies,. To quit the penalty and to ransom him. Thy substance, valued at the highest rate,. Therefore by law thou art condemned to die.

My woes end likewise with the evening sun. And for what cause thou camest to Ephesus. Than I to speak my griefs unspeakable:. Yet, that the world may witness that my end. Was wrought by nature, not by vile offence,. And by me, had not our hap been bad. With her I lived in joy; our wealth increased. And the great care of goods at random left. Drew me from kind embracements of my spouse:. From whom my absence was not six months old.

Before herself, almost at fainting under. The pleasing punishment that women bear,. Had made provision for her following me. And soon and safe arrived where I was. There had she not been long, but she became. And, which was strange, the one so like the other,. That very hour, and in the self-same inn,. Of such a burden, male twins, both alike:. Those,--for their parents were exceeding poor, I bought and brought up to attend my sons. My wife, not meanly proud of two such boys,. Made daily motions for our home return:.

Gave any tragic instance of our harm:. But longer did we not retain much hope;. For what obscured light the heavens did grant. Did but convey unto our fearful minds. A doubtful warrant of immediate death;. Which though myself would gladly have embraced,. Yet the incessant weepings of my wife,.

Weeping before for what she saw must come,. And piteous plainings of the pretty babes,. Forced me to seek delays for them and me. And this it was, for other means was none:. The sailors sought for safety by our boat,. And left the ship, then sinking-ripe, to us:. My wife, more careful for the latter-born,. Such as seafaring men provide for storms;. To him one of the other twins was bound,. Whilst I had been like heedful of the other:. The children thus disposed, my wife and I,. And floating straight, obedient to the stream,. Was carried towards Corinth, as we thought.

At length the sun, gazing upon the earth,. Dispersed those vapours that offended us;. And by the benefit of his wished light,. Two ships from far making amain to us,. But ere they came,--O, let me say no more! Gather the sequel by that went before. For we may pity, though not pardon thee. For, ere the ships could meet by twice five leagues,. We were encounterd by a mighty rock;. Our helpful ship was splitted in the midst;. So that, in this unjust divorce of us,. Fortune had left to both of us alike. What to delight in, what to sorrow for.

Her part, poor soul! With lesser weight but not with lesser woe,. Was carried with more speed before the wind;. And in our sight they three were taken up. By fishermen of Corinth, as we thought. At length, another ship had seized on us;. Close browse panel. Prev column. Next column.

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Zones Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Tables Tables. At Mequinez, yes, and to-night, his search would end. Surely to-night [? Loading article contents, please wait Line 0. Line 1. Line 2. Line 3. Surely to-night! For the hour after the. He did not. They were followed by. He wished to sell his decrepit.

These were all the slaves in the. At any moment. Charnock found himself. The negress was offered to him, and then. He listened patiently, con-. The Moor began to expatiate on the. Charnock had no doubt. Other Moors. All the intuitions of the last. He remembered the. This was Ralph War-. Had he. So near had he. Yet he must not interrupt; he.

The Moor turned away: the slave followed. Charnock clenched his hands together. The merchant. At the entrance. Line 4. For now surely the slave would be. The merchant turned slowly;. It spoke of. Slowly the owner. He heard the new comer across. And at last,--at last the word was. He rose from his.