Anastasia and the Garden of England (Series II)

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Anastasia recognizes Victoria is her mother, and as Victoria joyfully tells her that she brought her back, an upset Ivy watches from outside the room before sauntering off. As Anastasia adjusts to the Land Without Magic by watching cartoons, she and Victoria are visited by Weaver , who gains Victoria's permission to test Anastasia to see if she is the Guardian he is seeking, in exchange for keeping her safe from Gothel and Ivy.

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Afer Anastasia goes with her mother to the police evidence room , Weaver explains that there is a test to see if she can identify which of the many knives has magic. Anastasia briefly examines them, even picking one up, but does not sense magic in any of them. However, the knives suddenly fly into the air and pierce a nearby cabinet, frightening Anastasia who speculates that the magical knife is in that cabinet.

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She is terrified of her powers after what happened with the knives, but Weaver assures her that her magic will help people and that he specifically needs her to help one little girl, Lucy. He has her write down runes, which will cast a spell to save Lucy, but Anastasia begins to panic when she senses Gothel approaching, causing her powers to go haywire.

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When Gothel arrives, Anastasia lets out a blast of magic, sending Weaver, Victoria, and Gothel flying. Horrified, Anastasia flees, running into the arms of Ivy, who she recognizes as her sister, Drizella, and is surprised to see has grown up.

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Ivy deceives Anastasia into thinking she is working with Victoria and gives her bracelets made out of vines to dampen her powers. She then escorts Anastasia away under the guise of protecting her from Gothel, but actually takes her to a hideout where Gothel is waiting and reveals just how much she has come to despise her.

Anastasia has her hands forcibly grabbed by Ivy, but instead of draining Anastasia's magic as Ivy expected, the reverse happens and Gothel reveals that she has been manipulating Ivy all along.

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As a heartbroken Ivy is pushed into a pit by Gothel, Anastasia watches before Gothel leads her to another room. There, several cloaks are on display and Gothel informs her that the cloaks belong to her sisters, the Coven of the Eight , and that they will now find the other six members. Near the pit, Anastasia sits at a table eating a dinner meal provided to her by Gothel, who now has plans to take her to her home.

Anastasia reasons that she only wants to live with her mother, but Gothel dissuades her from this by pulling Victoria up from the pit and revealing all the terrible things she has done. Of her mother's many crimes, Anastasia learns she poisoned Ella's mother , murdered her father , tried to rip out Drizella's heart , and worst of all, Victoria admits she put Ella's daughter Lucy to sleep in order to revive her.

A horrified Anastasia runs off and is later brought to Gothel's home , where she is still lost after learning the truth about her mother and being in a world she doesn't understand. Gothel sympathizes with her feelings as she was once in the same position, particularly in displaying magic early and the fear as well as manipulation she endured from other people because of her abilities. As she tells Anastasia about how she eventually found someone who helped her grow stronger, there is a knock at the door.

This scares Anastasia, who causes the table to shake, but Gothel persuades her to calm down and hide in the closet. Anastasia is out of sight just before Rogers enters in to check up on Gothel because Victoria has gone missing and he wanted to make sure she didn't come after her.

Rogers becomes suspicious over the food on the table and begins moving towards the closet, but Gothel purposely shatters a teacup to deter him and asks him to walk her to her art therapy class.

Anastasia (II) Series

Anastasia then watches from a gap in the closet as Rogers leaves with Gothel. Later the [[ botanical garden greenhouse ]], Anastasia is with Gothel when Victoria arrives to hand over the Resurrection Amulet so Lucy can be awoken. Anastasia shirks from her mother at first, but thanks her for helping.

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Anastasia and the Garden of England (Series II) - Kindle edition by Fergus Wilson, Rachael Phillips. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC . Meet Anastasia and discover more about her wonderful relationship with the horses of Boughton Lodge. Anastasia is a young girl who lives with her Uncle and.

Since the amulet is empty, Gothel instructs Anastasia to touch the center so the vessel can be filled with her magic. Anastasia is weakened by the brief draining before Gothel wipes her memory of the incident and commands her to go rest, which she promptly does by leaving the greenhouse. Finding a loophole in the powers of the Author , he makes a deal with Henry's younger Wish Realm counterpart who then uses the pen to erase the powers of all Guardians.

Etymology Interestingly, the name "Anastasia", which comes from the Disney film Cinderella , means "resurrection", [2] which is exactly what happens to the character in the episode " One Little Tear ". During the present events of Season Seven , Anastasia is 14 years old. Production Notes The casting call describes her as "a happy and selfless lass who loves her sister and step-sister alike".

Meegan Warner , who plays young Rapunzel Tremaine, pronounces Anastasia's name with a long A sound in the third syllable, while Gabrielle Anwar , who plays adult Rapunzel, pronounces it with a short O sound in the third syllable. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article focuses on one of the second iterations of the Wicked Stepsisters. For the Wonderland character with the same name, see Red Queen.

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